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World Wildlife Fund

World Wildlife Fund, Inc., an arm of World Wildlife Fund International
1250 24th St NW
Washington, DC 20037
Telephone: (202) 293-4800  Fax (202) 293-9211.
Contact Person:
Ms. Sandra Paul, Director of Online and Outreach Marketing
Web site:
Founded: 1961
Exempt since: August 1991
Executive Director: Kathryn S. Fuller

Profile: The U.S. WWF is a superpower in the international non-profit arena, with 20% of its revenue from government tax money, 10% from industry, and half from prescriptive foundations.
WWF influences global economic policy away from free markets toward government control through numerous programs dealing with global warming, sustainable development, habitat designation, macroeconomics and much more.
International headquarters: With
27 national organizations, 24 program offices and five Associates worldwide, WWF International is based in Gland, Switzerland. Director General Dr. Claude Martin has close ties to the World Bank and a number of industrial executives.
The World Wildlife Fund is profiled in Ron Arnold and Alan Gottlieb's book, Trashing the Economy: How Runaway Environmentalism is Wrecking America.

World Wildlife Fund financial condition June 30 2001






Government Grants


Program Services




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Program Services






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Board of Directors, World Wildlife Fund

William K. Reilly, Chairman

Edward P. Bass, Vice Chairman

Kathryn S. Fuller, President

Paul F. Miller, Treasurer

Adrienne B. Mars, Secretary

Bruce E. Babbitt

Richard C. Blum

Julia Carabias

David Cole

Joseph F. Cullman 3rd

Jared M. Diamond

Pamela Ebsworth

Marshal Field

José Maria Figueres

Lynn A. Foster

William T. Lake

Melvin Lane

Gary Larson

Shelly Lazarus

Hunter Lewis

Mora McLean

Leslie A. Miller

Paul Miller Jr.

Wendell Mottley

John Ogden

Hazel R. O'Leary

Gordon Orians

Anne Pattee

Alison Richard

Gerald Rupp

Alan Seelenfreund

Roque Sevilla

Anne Sidamon-Eristoff

Linda Stone

George Taber

John Terborgh

Russell E. Train

Thomas Tusher

Rodney B. Wagner

Robert H. Waterman Jr.

Stephen M. Wolf

Jaime Zobel de Ayala II

World Wildlife Fund Executives:

Kathryn S. Fuller, president and chief executive officer.
Salary $223,560, benefits $29,516.
resident and chief executive officer since February 1989. Since 1983, WWF executive vice president, general counsel, director, WWF public policy, wildlife trade monitoring programs.
Before 1983, Fuller practiced law with the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Legal Counsel; Land and Natural Resources Division, headed Wildlife and Marine Resources Section.
Bachelor of arts, Brown University, juris doctor, University of Texas. Graduate studies, University of Maryland. 
Board member, Brown University, Ford Foundation. Member, Council on Foreign Relations.

  • James Leape, executive vice-president. Salary $180,469, benefits $21,381.

  • Deborah Hechinger, executive vice-president. Salary $179,530, benefits $21,239.

  • Nancy Dunn, Chief Financial Officer. Salary $141,325, benefits $12,675.

  • Margaret Ackerley, General Counsel. Salary $126,346, benefits $11,324.

  • Janet Fesler, Director of Board Relations.  Salary $94,419, benefits $12,608.

  • Patty Frohle, Controller (from January 1, 2001), Salary $58,462, benefits $3,569.

  • David Rada, Controller (to December 1, 2000), Salary $52,060, benefits $7,028.

  • William Eichbaum, vice-president. Salary $146,239, benefits $18,316.

  • Victoria Myers, vice-president. Salary $141,324, benefits $17,533.

  • Diane Wood, vice-president. Salary $139,508, benefits $17,478.

  • Bruce Bunting, vice-president. Salary $128,177, benefits $16,414.

  • Mary Jane Jamar, vice-president. Salary $115,617, benefits $14,690.

Grants: The Foundation Center database contains records of 445 grants to the World Wildlife Fund.

10 recent grants:

Foundation Name: Citigroup Foundation
Abstract: For Ecotourism in Brazil
Amount: $25,000             Year Authorized: 2001  

Foundation Name: W. K. Kellogg Foundation
Abstract: To establish process fostering viable environmental and economical crop production frameworks, compatible with Everglades ecosystem restoration and protection of other sensitive Florida marine ecosystems
Amount: $304,374             Year Authorized: 2001
Duration: 2-year grant

Foundation Name: The Joyce Foundation
Abstract: For Wildlife and Contaminants Program, which participates in Great Lakes basin government advisory committees relating to toxins and water quality, produces research on toxins and wildlife and human health, and supports screening/testing of chemicals
Amount: $150,000             Year Authorized: 2001
Duration: 2-year grant

Foundation Name: The San Francisco Foundation
Amount: $231,000             Year Authorized: 2001

Foundation Name: Alcoa Foundation
Abstract: For Education for Nature program in countries where Alcoa has operations
Amount: $500,000             Year Authorized: 2001
Duration: 3-year grant

Foundation Name: The Annenberg Foundation
Amount: $10,000             Year Authorized: 2001

Foundation Name: Skirball Foundation
Abstract: For operating support
Amount: $10,000             Year Authorized: 2000

Foundation Name: Frederick P. & Sandra P. Rose Foundation
Abstract: For Living Planet Campaign
Amount: $25,000             Year Authorized: 2000

Foundation Name: The New York Community Trust
Abstract: To study endocrine-disrupting chemicals
Amount: $100,000             Year Authorized: 2001

Foundation Name: Peninsula Community Foundation
Abstract: For general support
Amount: $10,000             Year Authorized: 2001