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Tsunami Fund
lobbying arm of Tides Foundation and Tides Center

Tsunami Fund [a (501(c)(4) lobbying organization]
P.O. Box 29229
San Francisco, CA 94129
Telephone: (415) 561-7860
Fax: (415) 561-6301
A lobbying organization, not a private foundation
Exempt since August 1994

Profile: Anti-capitalist, anti-gun rights lobbying service provider for left-wing groups. Their mission statement reads: Tsunami Fund is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that enables progressive donors and activists to impact the legislative arena by providing the organizational infrastructure, strategic management services, and a legal and fiscal home to those advocating for social change.

Gave $3,423,869 to Americans for Gun Safety for gun control campaign in 1999.

Revenue and Expenses: Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2000

  Revenue     Expenses
Contributions $5,613,963
Government Grants $0
Program Services $273,246
Investments $0
Special Events $0
Sales $0
Other $915
Program Services $3,307,652
Administration $138,375
Other $0
Total Expenditures $3,446,027
Total Revenue $5,887,209   NET GAIN/LOSS $2,446,182

Received loan of $4 million from Tides Foundation in 2000, due end of 2002.

Form 990 available at California Attorney General Charity Search

Board of Directors
Drummond Pike, President and Director Lisa Goldberg, Vice President and Director
David Salnicker, Executive Director China Brotsky, Treasurer
Denise Ellis, Assistant Treasurer Gary Delgado, Director

David Salniker, Executive Director
Salniker also serves as the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Tides Center. Originally a labor lawyer. Later Executive Director of the Pacifica Foundation (1986-1994) running noncommercial radio stations and a news service, began accepting big foundation money, purged journalists deemed unsuitable for foundations' brand of anti-capitalism. Currently serves as Treasurer of the Board of the ACLU of Northern California.

LOBBYING SERVICES OFFERED (Statement from Tsunami website):

By facilitating quick mobilization and efficient management, Tsunami Fund empowers its clients to run successful ballot initiative campaigns and legislative endeavors. Tsunami partners with:

  • Donors and funding collaboratives interested in supporting progressive legislative change;
  • Activists wanting to launch or support lobbying efforts at the local, state, or federal level;
  • 501(c)(3) organizations seeking to maximize their legislative impact through partnership with a 501(c)(4) organization; and
  • Foundations looking to offer new avenues of creative philanthropy to their donor base.

Partners define their position on the issues and decide how to run their programs and Tsunami allows these vital advocacy organizations to focus on their programmatic work without having to worry about maintaining key infrastructure processes.

Tsunami provides:

Comprehensive financial services - including oversight of revenues and expenditures, up-to-date financial reports, audit and government reporting, tax returns and general financial management.

Complete lobbying services, such as filing as a federal lobbyist employer or as a committee as needed in relevant states and full reporting are also available along with fundamental employee benefits and administrative services.

Donors can also choose to begin their own Donor Advised Fund or to contribute to an existing fund at Tsunami. Tsunami allows both individual donors and coalitions of donors to mobilize funds strategically to impact legislative and ballot initiative activity.

The flexibility and vision of Tsunami Fund allows organizations and coalitions of activists and donors to ramp up and down efficiently in response to legislative agendas. Because advocating for social change can be a fluid and forceful endeavor.