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Andrew Kimbrell

"If we are going to get rid of this cold [technological] evil which is threatening the biosphere, destroying society, and emptying our children of all meaning, we simply have to devolve our technological systems so that they are democratic, so that they can be responsive to us and we can take responsibility for them, so they comport with nature, with life forms on the earth." --Andrew Kimbrell

Triple roles: author, organization
executive, networker
Andrew Kimbrell
International Center for Technology Assessment, president (salary, $144,248)
Center for Food Safety, executive director
The Turning Point Project, director
International Forum on Globalization, director
Men's Health Network, co-founder and spokesperson

Andy's personal background:
Originally a concert pianist and music teacher in New York City.
Convert to Catholicism.
JD from New York University Law School.

The Human Body Shop; The Masculine Mystique; 101 Ways to Save the Earth; The Green Lifestyle Handbook (editor).
Co-founder, Men's Health Network.

Andy's work history:
1986 - employed for 8 years as policy director of Foundation on Economic Trends under anti-technology guru Jeremy Rifkin.
In 1994 established the International Center for Technology Assessment, and the Center for Food Safety in 1997.
A principal in law firm of Kimbrell and Mendelson, with Joseph Mendelson III, CFS legal director.
1999: Also a director of The Turning  Point Project, funded almost entirely by Douglas Tompkins' Foundation for Deep Ecology. The Turning Point Project board is comprised of Kimbrell, Mendelson, Jerry Mander of the International Forum on Globalization and Foundation for Deep Ecology, Randy Hayes of Rainforest Action Network, and Anuradah Mittal of Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy, all extreme anti-capitalist organizations.
Also a director of the International Forum on Globalization, led by Jerry Mander.

Andy's message: Technological civilization is destroying nature and human life.

Andy's solution: Dismantle technological civilization. Simple as that.