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Exxon Mobil Attack Campaign

A new phenomenon in anti-capitalist activism is the convergence of environmentalist, social justice, labor, shareholder and consumerist movements in concerted and persistent attacks on single corporations. We see evidence in such websites as Anti-Capitalist Convergence and others. Numerous companies including General Electric and British Petroleum have been targeted by less intensive campaigns.

Targeting one company from many angles has been described as "the death of a thousand cuts," intended to force corporate managements to capitulate to activist demands at the expense of vital products, jobs and economic well-being.

The campaign against Exxon Mobil, the world's largest oil company, is the first large campaign of the new left-wing convergence. It is a model we will see replicated elsewhere.

The relationships between attack groups in this campaign are extremely complicated and difficult to trace. There are shells within shells within shells. Assumed names are common. Ironically, the non-profit attack groups that scream loudest demanding full disclosure from the for-profit sector are themselves most secretive and invisible to public scrutiny. That is a subject requiring congressional attention.

In addition, foreign organizations, primarily in Europe, join with U.S.-based groups to spread anti-capitalist activism, for example, the Seattle to Brussels Network, which specializes in attack events against the World Trade Organization in particular and "against corporate globalization" in general.

Further, many activists present at the May, 2002 shareholder meeting of Exxon Mobil in Dallas are the same ones who surfaced at the 1999 WTO Seattle riots, the 2000 World Bank Washington, D.C. protests, and the 2001 Summit of the Americas Quebec City riots.

  • Chris Doran of Greenpeace, arrested in Seattle WTO riots, 1999.
  • Mike Moren of Uproar, present at Quebec City riots, 2001.

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