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Ecoropa Limited
The Goldsmith Cluster


Ecoropa Limited
This activist organization is not a registered charity
A United Kingdom private company

Contact: Clark Brownscombe

8 The Drive
East Sussex

United Kingdom
Phone: 01273 739277 (UK country code is 44)
Fax: not listed
Email: none
Website: none
Company No. 01548869

Date of Incorporation: March 5, 1981

French counterpart based in Paris: 40, rue de Malte, 75011 Paris, France
Contact: Etienne Vernet, Directeur
Tel: 01 49 38 38 17
Fax: 01 43 38 37 88

Founded by Edward "Teddy" Goldsmith, pioneer ecological guru, brother of the late billionaire, Sir James M. Goldsmith. Funds and enacts extremist anti-corporate, anti-capitalist programs.
Advertises itself as
"A European network that acts as a think tank/act tank," and lists several addresses, one in Wales, but in fact Edward Goldsmith's Ecoropa Limited is a British private company with three directors:

  • Edward Rene David "Teddy" GOLDSMITH, 9 Montague Road, Richmond, Surrey (Greater London) TW10 6QW. Date of birth November 8, 1928. Occupation: Company Director.

  • Alan Hurst FLINT, Slathurst Cottage, Milland, Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7ND. Date of birth July 22, 1939. Occupation: Surveyor.

  • Louise Helena Isabel NORBERG HODGE, Apple Barn, Higher Week Dartington, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6JP. Date of birth January 10, 1946. Occupation: Charity Director, International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC); the Ladakh Project.

Ecoropa Limited Income and Expenditure Account
for the Year Ended 31st March 2001

  2001 2000

Turnover 134 164
Gross surplus 134 164
Administrative expenses (478) (250)
Operating deficit (344) (86)
Interest receivable 132 123
Deficit/Surplus on ordinary activities before taxation (212) 37
Tax on deficit/surplus on ordinary activities (13) (26)
Deficit/Surplus for the financial year (225) 11
Retained surplus brought forward 3,646 3,635
Retained surplus carried forward 3,421 3,646


Ecoropa Limited (Limited by Guarantee)
Balance Sheet
As at 31st March 2001

  2001 2000



Current assets    
Cash at bank and in hand 3,883 4,107
Total 3,883 4,107
Creditors: amounts falling due within one year (462) (461)
Total assets less current liabilities 3,421 3,646
Capital and reserves    
Income and expenditure account 3,421 3,646
Shareholders' funds 3,421 3,646


Ecoropa Limited (Limited by Guarantee*)
Notes to the Accounts
For the Year Ended 31st March 2001

Creditors: amounts falling due within one year 2001 2000



Corporation tax 13 26
Accruals and deferred income 449 435
Total 462 46

*Companies limited by guarantee have no share capital and the liability is fixed to a sum guaranteed by its members. They normally have a non-distribution of profits clause in the Articles of Association. A company limited by guarantee can undertake commercial activities without the need for any subscribed equity capital. The following special features are available to a company limited by guarantee:

  • Control of the company is achieved without a holding of shares.
  • Exclusion of the membership from registration on a share register or annual return of shareholders.
  • Ownership in the form of membership can be made non-transferable in the articles of association.
  • Ability to utilise the company as a succession vehicle; with correct drafting, asset devolution on the death of a member can be achieved without requirement for probate.
  • Ability to have distribution from the company categorised as capital gain rather than as income.
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