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130 Co-Founders,
Campaign for
America's Future


The 130 co-founders of
the Campaign for Americaís Future

1. Gar Alperovitz
National Center for Economic Alternatives

2. Ira Arlook
New Economy Communications

3. John Atlas
National Housing Institute

4. Morton Bahr
Communication Workers of America

5. Peter Barnes
Redefining Progress/Working Assets

6. Ann Beaudry
People for the American Way

7. George Becker
United Steelworkers of America

8. Berkley Bedell
Former Member of Congress

9. Lara Bergthold
Act III Communications

10. Paul Berman

11. Jules Bernstein

12. Mary Frances Berry
US Commission on Civil Rights

13. Susan Bianchi-Sand
National Committee on Pay Equity

14. Moe Biller
American Postal Workers Union

15. Norman Birnbaum
Georgetown University Law Center

16. Arthur Blaustein
U.C., Berkeley

17. Barry Bluestone
Northeastern University, Boston

18. Julian Bond
NAACP Board Chair

19. Heather Booth
Founder Midwest Academy

20. Robert Borosage
Campaign for Americaís Future

21. Jim Braude
Critical Mass Media

22. Thomas Buffenbarger
Machinists Union

23. Marc Caplan
Northeast Action

24. David Carley

25. Hodding Carter

26. John Cavanagh
Institute for Policy Studies

27. Bob Chase
National Education Association

28. Richard Cloward
Columbia University

29. Jeff Cohen

30. Mitchell Cohen
Dissent, Co-Editor

31. Barry Commoner
Queens College

32. Ken Cook
Environmental Working Group

33. G. William Domhoff
U.C., Santa Cruz

34. Douglas H. Dority
United Food and Commercial Workers

35. Peter Dreier
Occidental College

36. Dudley Dudley
Women Legislatorís Lobby

37. Barbara Ehrenreich

38. Robert Eisner
Northwestern University

39. Jeff Faux
Economic Policy Institute

40. Diane Feldman
The Feldman Group

41. Edward Fire
International Union of Electronic Workers

42. Dick Flacks
U.C., Santa Barbara

43. Nancy Folbre
University of Mass. Amherst

44. Steve Fraser
Houghton Mifflin

45. Betty Friedan

46. Jeannette Galanis
US Student Association

47. James K. Galbraith
Univ. of Texas/LBJ School

48. Herbert Gans
Columbia University

49. Paul Gaston
University of Virginia

50. Thomas Geoghegan
Author, Which Side Are You On?

51. Todd Gitlin
New York University

52. Chester Hartman

53. Heidi Hartmann
Inst. for Womenís Policy Research

54. Tom Hayden
California Legislature

55. Denis Hayes
Earth Day founder - Bullitt Foundation

56. Roger Hickey
Campaign for Americaís Future

57. Jim Hightower
Hightower Radio

58. Adam Hochschild

59. Patricia Ireland
National Organization for Women

60. Amy Isaacs
Americans for Democratic Action

61. Jesse L. Jackson
Rainbow Coalition

62. Christopher Jencks Northwestern University

63. Jaqueline Jones
Brandeis University

64. Michael Kazin
Author, Populist Persuasion

65. Jackie Kendall
Midwest Academy

66. Charles Knight
Commonwealth Institute

67. George Kourpias

68. Jonathan Kozol

69. David Kusnet
Former White House speechwriter

70. Robert Kuttner
American Prospect

71. Rev. Peter Laarman
Judson Memorial Church

72. Thea Lee
AFL-CIO, Assistant Director of Public Policy

73. Nelson Lichtenstein
University of Virginia

74. Judith Lichtman
National Partnership for Women and Families

75. David Liederman
Child Welfare League of America

76. Rev. Joseph Lowery
Southern Christian Leadership Conference

77. Ray Marshall
University of Texas-Austin, Former Secretary of Labor

78. Steve Max
Midwest Academy

79. Jay Mazur

80. Michael McCloskey
Sierra Club Chairman

81. Gerald W. McEntee

82. Howard Metzenbaum
US Senator (retired)

83. Harold Meyerson
LA Weekly

84. S.M. Miller
Commonwealth Institute

85. Lawrence Mishel
Economic Policy Institute

86. Nan Grogan Orrock
Women Legislatorís Lobby, Georgia House of Representatives

87. Paul Osterman
MIT/Sloan School of Management

88. Maurice S. Paprin
Fund for New Priorities in America

89. Richard Parker
Harvard University

90. Wallace Peterson
University of Nebraska

91. Frances Fox Piven

92. Ron Pollack
Families USA Foundation

93. Robert Pollin
University of Massachussetts- Amherst

94. Steve Protulis
National Council of Senior Citizens

95. Miles Rapoport
President of Demos: A Network for Ideas & Action, Former Connecticut Secretary of State

96. Robert Reich
Brandeis University, Former Secretary of Labor

97. Frank Riessman
Social Policy

98. Mark Ritchie
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

99. Dennis Rivera
Health and Human Service Employees

100. Cecil Roberts
United Mine Workers of America

101. Joel Rogers
University of Wisconsin

102. Richard Rorty
University of Virginia

103. Sumner Rosen
Jobs for All

104. Richard Rothstein

105. Lillian Rubin
Institute for the Study of Social Change

106. Arlie Schardt
Environmental Media Services

107. Tom Schlesinger
Financial Markets Center

108. Susan Shaer
Womenís Action for New Direction

109. Stanley Sheinbaum

110. Jack Sheinkman
ADA President

111. John Simmons
Participation Associates

112. Theda Skocpol
Harvard University

113. Francis Smith

114. Paul Soglin

115. Andrew Stern
Service Employees
International Union

116. John J. Sweeney

117. Linda Tarr-Whelan
Center for Policy Alternatives

118. John E. Taylor
Natíl Community Reinvestment Coalition

119. Ellen Teninty
Just Economics

120. Robert Theobald
Dynamic Learning Consortium

121. Richard Trumka

122. Katherine Villers
Families USA Foundation

123. Philippe Villers
Families USA Foundation

124. Ron Walters
University of Maryland

125. Michael Walzer
Dissent, Co-Editor

126. Roger Wilkins
George Mason University

127. Linda Faye Williams
University of Maryland

128. William Julius Wilson
JFK School of Government

129. Leslie R. Wolfe
Center for Women Policy Studies

130. Stephen P. Yokich
United Auto Workers

Affiliations shown at founding date, July 17, 1996

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