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Tides Network

Tides Network    (501(c)(3) Public Charity)
Presidio Building 1014 Torney Avenue at Lincoln Boulevard 
San Francisco,  CA  94129
(415) 561-6400 

EIN: 20-3395198
Incorporated: August 8, 2005 (California C2796303)
Exempt since: 2007

Tides Network office at The Presidio, San Francisco, California
photo from Tides Center website)

Master governance organization for:

Self-Description: The specific purposes of this corporation shall include charitable and educational activities exclusively to support Tides Foundation, The Tides Center, and Tides, Inc., including, but not limited to, providing strategic leadership and direction, fundraising, administration, management, leadership, planning and coordination of mission, all in support of Tides Foundation, The Tides Center, and Tides, Inc., and the making of grants, donations, gifts and contributions from the net income or assets of this corporation, exclusively for charitable, religious, scientific, literary or educational activities as shall be determined by the Board of Directors to be appropriate.

Tides Network Governance Structure 2009
Source: Tides Executive Report
(Wade Rathke was forced to resign in 2010 for a money scandal)

Actual: Command center of the most potent left wing money machine in the world. No officer receives compensation from Tides Network, but they are compensated by other Tides entities controlled by Tides Network. Tides Network is a non-profit holding company, a shell for other organizations, so it has virtually no funding itself - even though it controls one of the largest financial networks of left wing activists.

Note: Wade Rathke, resigned in 2010, is shown only because later official Tides Network documents are not yet available.

For affiliations of all Tides board members, see this Tides List of Affiliations (PDF). 


Tides Network
 financial condition 2007

 Revenue     Expenses
Contributions $0
Government Grants $0
Program Services $0
Investments $0
Special Events $0
Sales $0
Other $0


Program Services $136
Administration $04
Other $0
Total Expenditures $136
Total Revenue $8,497   NET GAIN/LOSS $0

Tides Family of Organizations 2009

Harding Rock Fund through the Ohrbach Foundation are "Tides supporting funds." which give all or a major portion of their assets or grants for the direct benefit of Tides organizations. One or more officers or directors of a Tides organization are also officers or directors of these supporting funds.