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Tides, Inc.

Tides, Inc.    (501(c)(3) Public Charity)
Presidio Building
1014 Torney Avenue at Lincoln Boulevard

San Francisco,  CA  94129
(415) 561-6400 
Website: N/A

EIN: 57-1138099
Incorporated: November 8, 2002 (California C2431336)
Exempt since: 2003
2007 assets:
2007 income:

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Self-Description: To provide economically, programmatically and environmentally sustainable workplace facilities and other value-added social and real estate services to the Tides Family of Organizations and other nonprofit organizations that further similar charitable purposes. Tides, Inc. provides a range of administrative services, including human resource and office administration, to the Tides Family of Organizations, allowing them to consolidate their administrative functions. Tides, Inc. has also developed replication models for creating quality facilities for nonprofit organizations, and operates facilities occupied by other members of the Tides Network and fifty other nonprofit organizations.

Actual: Centralized control point for internal operations and West Coast real estate holdings of the Tides Family of Organizations, keeping the inner workings from prying eyes of the many projects of Tides Center and the donors of Tides Foundation. The officers and directors of Tides, Inc. include only the inner circle of Tides power players.

Tides, Inc. Officers and Directors 2007

Name Title Compensation
Wade Rathke Chair / Director $0
Drummond Pike CEO / Ex Officio Salary $212,974
Benefits $33,097
China Brotsky Vice President Salary $145,000
Benefits $29,276
Danica Remy Treasurer / Secretary Salary $145,000
Ellen Friedman Executive Vice President $0
Stephanie Clohesy Director / Secretary $0
Lauren Webster CFO $0
Lawrence Litvak Director $0

All Tides Board Member Affiliations 2007 CLICK HERE (PDF)

Tides, Inc. Five Highest Paid Employees 2007

Name Title Compensation
Christine Coleman Director, Communications Salary $96,952
Benefits $24,361
Erika Bjune Director IT Salary $92,708
Benefits, $16,956
Lynette Logan Director, Administration Salary $89,339
Benefits $16,916
James Edlin Business Applications Arch. Salary $73,844
Benefits $11,116
Lawrence Rodgers Business Applications Development Salary $68,011
Benefits $6,617

Tides, Inc. Five Highest Paid
Professional Services Contractors 2007

Name Type of Service Compensation
MicroMenders, Inc. IT Consulting $309,938
Robert Half Technology Human Resources $167,948
Varsity Technology IT Consulting $157.842
McCall Staffing Services Human Resources $76,908
FAS Research, Inc. Network Analysis $68,400


Tides, Inc.
 financial condition 2007

 Revenue     Expenses
Contributions $810,071
Government Grants $0
Program Services $5,777,873
Investments $54,717
Special Events $0
Sales $0
Other $13,593


Program Services $5,449,482
Administration $677,670
Other $61,484
Total Expenditures $6,188,636
Total Revenue $6,656,254   NET GAIN/LOSS $467,618

Tides, Inc. receives no grants from foundations, but obtains "contributions" classified by the IRS as "direct public support," which may include transfers from other tax exempt organizations.

Analysis of Tides, Inc. Income-Producing Activities 2007
(Total $5,846,183)

Program Service Revenue Amount
a) Member & Conference Fees


b) Program Service Revenue


c) Rental Income - Non-Profit Organizations


d) Tenant Reimbursement


e) Tenant Services


Interest on savings & temporary cash investments


Net rental income from real estate  
    a) debt-financed property

- $80,394

Tides, Inc. has issued two series of tax exempt bonds amounting to a liability of $11.8 million.